- Is Your Life In Balance? -

How To Get Your Life Back Into Balance Naturally, Even If You Don't Know Where To Start


How To Rebalance Your Life...

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    Discover where your life is out of balance
    The Wellness Compass will show you which parts of your life are in balance, and which parts are not so you know where to focus your energy.
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    There are no "right or wrong" answers
    The Compass shows you where you need to make small changes, free from judgement so they are easy to make.
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    a simple yet powerful tool
    Just 5 minutes to uncover the real blocks to your healthier and more balanced life. Imbalances have impacts in all areas of your life, including your weight, relationships and career, just to name a few.
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    A major part of wellness is taking time for yourself.
    This guide will walk through the easy steps to get a clear view of your life and show you how to improve your overall life balance.

I completed Jane's WELLNESS COMPASS challenge followed by an in-depth phone call with Jane.

This was quite a revelation for me and it highlighted some areas where I recognised I needed to start working on.


Jane's background knowledge in medicine is something that really shone through too.

Jane is very knowledgeable and has first hand experience of feeling stressed and burnt out and will really make you think! Highly recommend.


Sharon Brown


I have just completed a 90 day Life Coach experience with Jane.

I am a different person from the day I allowed her into my life.

Jane was willing to help me find the things holding me back from reaching my goals without judgement was a constant source of support and encouragement.

 Jane is someone who gave me a safe space to examine what was keeping me from moving forward.

These have been the most valuable 90 days of my life. 


Krys Kelley Page


I was very stressed and tired, finding it difficult to concentrate and get work done. Jane's helped me to understand the underlying cause of my stress and advised me on coping mechanisms.

Jane identified where I was going wrong with my diet and suggested healthy alternatives.

A year later, I am a different person. I've lost weight, I can deal with stress much better and, more importantly, I understand so much better the person that I am. 

I am truly grateful to Jane!


Isabel Picornell


About Jane

The last few years have seen me have more of a purpose; to help people realise how important their health is and how they can help themselves.

This isn't about reaching for a pill to fix something, this is about taking responsibility for our own health and working to do that; it doesn't have to hard or unpleasant. I can show you how to cope with your life and still fit everything in so it doesn't feel like hard work.


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